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4x4 pattern designed for highway terrain

Asymmetrical tread design
Offers excellent traction and handling.

Sequential ribs on shoulders
Designed for superior grip & stability while cornering and driving on wet surfaces.

Tread siping
Enables a self-cleaning and anti-slipping mechanism.

Optimal pitch variation
Ensures low noise for increased driving comfort.

Free Replacement Period Logo

Up to 12 months/

Warranty Period Logo

Warranty Period
- 5 years -

Mileage Warranty Logo

Up to 35,000 miles

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Road Hazard Protection

Series Size Load Index / Speed Symbol Maximum Load Max. Inflation Pressure Rim Width Section Width Overall Diameter Tread Depth
(lbs) (psi) (Inches) (Inches) (Inches) (32 nds)
70 215/70 R16 100H 1760 51 6.5 8.70 27.90 10.30
65 285/65 R17 116H 2756 51 8.5 11.40 31.50 10.10

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